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About Us

Jayth Marketing was set up early 2017. Specializing in all areas of sales and marketing for the international travel industry, Jayth Marketing is a leading provider of sales and marketing related services to international hotels and destination management companies.

With a professional assemblage of strong direct sales, powerful digital communications, exceptional staff, and savvy marketing we are the “Sales and Marketing Company of Choice” for global hospitality clients seeking new business and market penetration in India.

Through tailored solutions to suit our client’s needs and budgets, we ensure our customers see a substantial return on their investment.

We understand that needs and trends constantly change and as such we pride ourselves on our first-hand knowledge of the industry, which ensures that we are able to advise, recommend and provide solutions to your every need.

Why us ?

  • At Jayth Marketing, we have a strong emphasis on delivering what’s promised. That’s why we take a part of our fees only upon the promised results being achieved for our clients
  • Combined experience of over 32 years in successfully promoting global hospitality brands
  • Managed marketing and sales for major hotel chains headquartered out of the UK, Europe & USA and with properties in 92 countries
  • Average Year-on-Year growth of 25-30% major from corporate segment
  • We integrate a strong brand positioning with a formidable sales force to maximize the return on investments for our clients
  • The target customer segment groups we specialize in generating business from include the established sectors as well as the ‘sunshine sectors’:
    • Corporate – Multinational companies & Small and Medium Enterprises
    • Film production units
    • Hotel booking companies
    • Travel Agency
    • Wedding planning and event management companies
  • Long-term strategy is based on our extensive field-based market research data gathered over decades.

Our Services

Managed marketing and sales.

Hotel Consultancy

Integrated Destination Management Consultancy

PR and Marketing

Market Research

Hotel Consultancy

Jayth Marketing has the experience in representing diverse hotel clients, ranging from global chains and Resorts to smaller individual hotels. We believe that every property and every brand is unique and our focus is on providing tailor-made services according to the clients’ needs.

How do we help ?

While representing your brand in India, we implement in a holistic marketing as well as sales strategy.
Our marketing activities aim at building and expanding our clients’ brand awareness through digital as well as non-digital media. A few strategies that we implement are:

  • Targeted email marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Increasing the awareness in social media networks
  • Print media advertising
  • Trade Show
  • Events participation
  • Corporate onsite camping


Our experienced sales team have extensive experience in generating increasing sales from the following sectors. Some of these are established sectors and some are what we describe as ‘sunshine customer sectors’. The latter have started to emerge as an important target customer, keeping in line with the growing economic prosperity and aspirations in India.

  • Traditional sectors
    • Corporate
    • Travel Agents
    • Tour Operators
    • OTA’s
    • Travel Management companies
    • Hotel Booking Companies
  • Sunshine sectors
    • Themed wedding planners
    • Film Industry
    • Event Management companies

Integrated Destination Management Consultancy

Jayth Marketing has extensive experience in marketing destinations on the basis of the client requirement.  We work closely with the national and regional tourism organizations to streamline their brand positioning within Indian market, which have resulted in accelerating year-on-year increase in sales.

How do we help ?

Our marketing activities are centered on creating a bespoke brand strategy for the destinations. We use an integrated approach of increasing the visibility of the brand in the target customer segments. Some of our strategies include :

  • Familiarization visits
  • Representing the destinations in major regional trade shows
  • Conducting workshops and seminars
  • Online and digital promotions
  • Creating an integrated marketing-blitz together with other tourism organizations to increase the market share

Jayth Marketing also helps its clients in managing various public-relation activities that promote the destinations. Some of our PR activities include :

  • Media
  • Creating and publishing targeted newsletters
  • Organizing press trips to the destinations
  • Interviews and feature story placements
  • Press conferences and media roundtables that increase the visibility of the destinations within the Indian audience

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we believe in taking a stake in our clients’ business activities. It is for that very reason, we have a very active sales team on field that targets a variety of customer segments to convert the marketing activities into an actual return on investment for our clients. Some of these are established sectors and some are what we describe as ‘sunshine sectors’. The latter have started to emerge as an important target customer, keeping in line with the growing economic prosperity and the increasing aspirations of an affluent India.

  • Traditional sectors
    • Travel Agents
    • Tour Operators
    • Travel Management Companies
    • OTA’s
  • Sunshine sectors
    • Themed wedding planners
    • Film Industry
    • Event Management Companies

Market Research & Strategy Management

In a rapidly evolving field such as travel and tourism, getting a real-time information from the field can be of critical importance in designing an effective and more importantly actionable strategy.

How do we help ?

Many companies use planning procedures, based on macroeconomic forecasts with more sophisticated processes. But how do we know that the macroeconomic forecasts are implementable in a niche market such as India? Most analyze enormous amounts of consumer data and use different types of techniques. Unfortunately many still overlook the complexity of the environment, do not generate new ideas, and often lack strong implementation.

Thanks to Jayth Marketing’s  extensive network and an ongoing relationship with the experts in the industry from various travel, tourism bodies, travel association and the media, we give our clients one of the most exhaustive market research for their brands. Our market research services include :

  • Database management
  • Static Analyses
  • PR and Marketing

In fact, we go a step further and provide our clients with a set of actionable recommendations based on the data that we gather from our extensive field-based market research. We bring our experience and “know-how” to design a blueprint of the appropriate strategies to widen the competitive differentiation span for our customers. We facilitate balancing resources to take advantages of existing product markets, as well as pro-actively explore new opportunities.

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